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July wishlist -

In collaboration with Newchic
July is here and I cant be more happier. I used to love July because of sales but this year is different.
I dont like anymore so much people in stores and messy clothes on the floor. So many girls are running for the last dress in stock ( last year I was one of them haha )
Right now I prefer  online shopping so this time I want to show you my july wishlist from Newchic. There is so many beautiful summer dresses, omg. I will show you my fav:


<3 von ematra auf Polyvore
I  need one of this Polka Dot Maxi Dresses in my closet, I this this one is perfect one. LINK
Also I saw so many beautiful girls on Instagram in Floral Maxi Dresses and I will show you my fav two from this website.

floral von ematra auf Polyvore
DRESS 1 //  DRESS 2 //
And you probably know that I am babyblue lover so there is one perfect maxi dress .
baby blue lover

baby blue lover von ematra auf Polyvore
Also , I want to show you beautiful Blouses in babyblue.

l von ematra, sexy blouses enthaltend
BLOUSE 1 // BlOUSE 2 //

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